Numinous Experiences considered as Irrational is an Unknown Domain still need to be explored

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Carl Gustav Jung, a psychiatrist, neurologist and a depth psychologist is one of many people who had shown connection between numinous experiences with scientific findings (for example: his observation towards astrological birth chart to understand the collective personalities of people based on zodiac and planetary symbols, which is archetypal) and then manly p. hall, a mystic. These two people were the ones who observed the myths, phantasies, unconscious images, in order to understand the map of the soul. In which through introspective subjective observations, they found realisation about how we can become this intelligent being through those myths or phantasies (the collective unconscious).  Everything is connected, and we cannot divide it based solely on structured mechanistic observations. It is a wide concept that we cannot view it superficially. But since the subject relating to transpersonal numinous experiences are still very hard to be catergorized in a more structured patterns such as how natural science would do, this become the reasons of the skeptics ongoing questionings towards the aspects considered as irrational or pseudo. Actually, It’s only a matter of how we acknowledged new formulas/encounters of the domain that hasnt fully explored yet. What is still unknown equals to irrationality because we havent fully understand it. But if we keep exploring and acknowledging something much more than just what we have already found out scientifically, it will be as rational as like most other natural sciences.

Existence and meanings not only coming from what makes sense, we humans are still trying to understand the universe, universe is beyond just a single perspective : rationality.  The idea of rationality is based on “human physical senses resulting to a capability of acknowledging things able to be observed by the senses as make sense or logical” but universe have more intricacies which humans still unable to solved yet. So hence, what makes things irrational and unrealistic for the skeptics are just the domains which still hasnt fully explored yet.

When you with your human’s brain capacity acknowledge one theory, you prove it as making sense, but something unknown you havent explored yet, you consider it as irrational. That means you close yourself with a limited set of ideas about universe realm (a realm consist of things way more than our own brain’s capability to observe things as rational or irrational). Humans like to be superior as if they already know everything about this universe. But we havent yet achieved that state where we know everything.

In what kind of foundations we have the rights to be able to judge which is true or not just because we see things only in one set of perspective? By having virtue and understanding to the potential of the unknown mystery, it’s a way for us to be wise and never be self righteous in quickly judge things. Some people have inclinations towards what they felt connected to, such as mystery or fantasies, but that’s not determining that those people being irrational. Based on psychoanalytical perspective, we are driven most of the times by unconsciousness which is connected beyond personal early life experiences, it’s connected collectively to the ways of universe. And this is why you mostly tend to see, that some are driven more by their unconscious state (artistic subjective approach in viewing experiencing life), while some others like groups of scientific skeptical objective people would function themselves in their conscious state who prefer pragmatic proven quantifiable datas as the factual reality. There’s nothing right and wrong, science and mystery should be combined and integrated as a whole bigger concept that we have to comprehend, it is beyond just one spectrum of reality.

 If we only sense and see everything from the calculative perspective which you need physical proof, it doesn’t fully shows or proofs that  that’s the only way reality expressed itself in this universe.. but for example with astrology, it can be felt if you connect to how you function within, how you realise things within, because zodiac characteristic in us people, is a form of collective unconscious, where you are the same and have similar patterns like everyone else, a pattern of behavior with an innate built-in content which corresponded and synchronized with the energy of universe in its own certain time and moment. But you also still have personal unconsciousness that only you experienced since birth. So it is through introspections or psychic intuitions that you find things that cannot be measured through calculative numerical datas only, going within is important to understand that mostly what we do is a projection of our own psyche, what we experience and what we think as reality is a projection of our psyche witnessing existence itself. Similar to what Bion had suggested, in the book of The Mystery of Analytical Work, ”…that geometry, which we imagine is based in the points, lines, and shapes of the outer world, first emerged from the attempt to understand the shapes of inner, imaginal spaces (Bion, 1965 p.105 in Sullivan, 2009, p. 41)”. And the things unknown is everything that still yet need to be researched and explored, so clearly the things which is beyond or outside the quantifiable measurements wouldn’t be able to be measured if you only depend it solely through limited methods in observing universe, because some domains has its own unique system to be understood in other ways, and that doesn’t mean it’s irrational as well.

Consider this, if you are the left brain type of person, you will function as the logical type of person who measured things in calculative manner but do realise that some others have a right brain type of way in observing the universe, and this cannot be compared or judged as either something nonsensical or not, because its also a way of nature in perceiving itself like how the left brain would perceive this universe in a logical pragmatic manner.

Before we judged things from one side of perspective, do realise that in this universe there are other myriad of ways in perceiving the universe and existence and energies. The things which can be seen or be measured by you, you can definitely validated it, but there are other things which cant be measured in one single method. This doesnt proof any statements in what these people had observed and contemplate and experienced since ancient ago as false. We cannot betray ourselves when we are also part of the cosmic matter, so what those people did, who felt things in different way than in ”scientific domain” is basically being the part of cosmic matter which express itself through other ways of being.

We clearly cannot be ignorant to the fact that we also still have incapability to fully comprehend everything seen or unseen, that means those things unseen isnt irrational, it’s just something still need to be explored. It’s not mere “made up fantastical images or fantasies”

The realm of meanings doesnt always have to bemeasured by science. To find meanings or articulating things around us, doesnt always have to be through science as the primary method to dechiper things. So, try appreciate the realms or unknown domains that doesn’t fully need science as the prime method to dissect as a matter of whether its irrational or rational or whether it is validated by science or not. How we can understand spirituality through science for example? How we can understand what some others experienced as philosophical? Hence, some humans go to the depths to search meanings in a rather subjective way, besides observing existence in pragmatical scientific approach. It’s only like a different nature. Like some of us act as alchemist, and the others as the mathematicians, ofcourse it will differ, and even when we compare to a philosopher.

I, personally, don’t deny science at all, but what some of us are observing now from what i have shown or said is from another domain of knowledge that needs to be appreciated as a subject to be understood in other ways. Because we tend to point out things which we can only sense from the basic 5 senses, but something else can be observed through subjective approach, not always in a sense that we have to approach it in calculative manner, this is numinous area we are talking about, its spiritual. Like how some truly experienced the weird experience or memories of connected with alien, are they just imagining things or something deeper unrecognized hasnt been fully deciphered by us yet?

And from the birth of early idea of science, the intellectuals of the scientific world now wont be existed, everything starts from the prototype of ideas, the prototype from everything exist also not just what can be measured with basic 5 senses. For example the difference between measuring someone’s behavior through either cognitive brain processing (science) or psychoanalysis (unconscious process based on early life experiences, which is subjective and personal) clearly we can’t compare both as to which is the superior one that can handle someone’s mental well being.

We cant deny what has started from ancient knowledge, we are always connected to what we always express, we express or project what happened within us, and manifested it as a living mirror ofwhat resides within us, within us is not limited, it connects to everything in this universe, thats why i was referring all this with the collective unconscious, because astrology in some ways also part of that psychic manifesto content within our unconscious. For some, astrology is nonsense, but how about the fact that so many people resonated to its basic symbolism which has personal meaning to the unconscious state of the person. In Psychology, this is called Archetype, a collective psychic image which resides in everyones unconscious, we dony realise it fully when we are born, but gradually we realise our patterns of behaviors or there exist our inclinations to certain ways of beings, and sometimes those things appear through images of dreams or through myths or fantasies, we find familiarity from stories that explained how we behave or identify our internal self with, that’s what astrology is about, and its much more than that, for me personally, it’s related to both quantum physics and spirituality (but this is a sensitive subject which need deeper thorough constant researches).

Try read the book titled Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior by Dr. Michel Gauquelin, and then read the research of the influence of the moon to plants, this surely shows evidence that it can also affect us humans cause we are also  a living being. And trees does give effect to us, forest bathing called Shinrin Yoku able to reduce depression and mental problems in schizophrenic patients. even though there is no full blown proofs yet, but nowadays there are many people do research and expand the knowledge of so called pseudoscience in objective way, such as institute of parapsychology, trying to understand deeper about clairvoyance, claircognizance, spirits or orbs or entities. This is a wild territory to be understood as a subject, but definitely we humans are trying our best to decipher things assumed as outside the norms or nonphysical matters.

All of these things need further research, so before admitting that something not yet explored as nonsense, its better to have an open mind of the possibilities of something yet unexplored, instead of keep being in resistance to things that were dechiphered from many ages ago. Of ccourse the evolution of science as well always developed, same thing as well for the knowledge of nonphysical matter, it derived from ancient civilization, definitely we shouldn’t deny it and assumed as incompetent when it is being compared to the concrete realism.

there’s a quote saying “quantum physics tells us that nothing is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth because everyone is creating what they see”. So there’s nothing wrong or right i believe from whatever is processing through our diverse mind. Everything observed is felt by each different individuals, some sensed things in a more mechanistic way, some sensed things in a more intuitive way.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Collective Unconscious

Collective Unconscious is the wider realm of psyche, where it lies numerous archetypes or various psychic contents which can be either be adopted into conscious behaviors or already a force that operate a person to function in his life. Collective unconscious can be described as a massive template where the primitive or original/prototype source of how humans express himself resides, such as set of ideas or principles and set of specific characteristics that activates the living force within human. It is where patterns of self-images exist, such as Imago Dei, a term which explained that we humans existed and born as the likeness of God, as His creation who knows evil and good, besides that, a true example of collective unconscious is how we have astrological zodiac characteristics that is innate and formed us into specific characters with specific traits. Even though each individuals has their earlier personal life experiences that molds their ways to live life, but there’s also a collective pattern that differentiate how a person behave from others but also represent similar innate psychic content as some others have, such as the archetype of Wise Old Man in people who tend to have insightful wisdom and know how to apply virtue in their life, the archetype of Trickster in people who likes to either entertain or show mischievous contradictory behaviors. We have to acknowledge deeper about the fact that to understand human existence is way beyond what we already know and what we are able to comprehend. The realisation of our internal world through observations of the ancient myths and stories which representing our humanity is one of the ways we could cultivate and embrace our psychic content. Human psyche is full of mysterious processings that cannot be divided into mere simple categorisations, especially if we wanna see it in a moralistic perspective, even when we can differentiate between good and evil, there’s so much to the content of the psyche that is more subjective and numinous than is objective, it is always related to the deeper meaning of existence itself. As a person who studies about psyche, we have to rely not only from scientific structures of the mind, but through intuition or spiritual approach as well.

Human’s psyche is much more too complex than just personal unconscioust that based on individual memories and personal life experiences. Human’s psyche is also more complex than just behavioristic approach based on biological perspective which relates brain or cognitive functions that determines the human behaviors. Our psychic content contained bigger universal sources of energy which driven us to live or to destruct. This is where the field of depth psychology come in to comprehend more of the complexity of the psyche beyond “scientific physicalism, the doctrine that the reality is entirely based on the physical property of objects and naturalism the doctrine that science must confine itself to the study of natural causes”, these are the words of Lionel Corbett, M.D. in youtube video ( Psychotheraphy Based on Depth Psychology is a Superior Approach ).

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Freud and Jung’s Different Realm

For Sigmund Freud, libido is the primitive foundation where the unconscious realm exist, urging the person to behave in ways in which the person himself have no full control of it mostly, the psychic content from the unconscious realm affected by the inner workings and external environments and this formed certain behaviors in human beings which Freud often related to the causes of psychological traumas or psychological stages which influence the dynamic of a person’s psyche. But with Carl Jung, he wanted to widen the scope of the psyche realm, which contained more than just personal unconscious who one person experienced. There is a collective content of the unconscious where every man on this earth no matter where they live, have similar patterns or sets of ideas that were coming from the million years of the evolution of the humanity. It was through ancient myths or folklore stories and fables or collective stories or principles, according to Jung,  that human grows. The different stories everywhere are still having the same meaning even though with a different mode or style of how it was being written, told or passed down through generations of humans. For Jung, this shaped how society functions and how each individual have same source of how they expressed their behaviors and characteristic. It formed a pattern like in astrological zodiac characteristics, everyone have their own personal unconscious but they have wider collective energetical power within their psyche that moves and influence their behaviors.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Nihilism born from deep wounds of sensing reality and disconnection transformed men to cruelty. ( The Sinner Season 3 series’s Simple Psychoanalysis)

The Sinner is a series about one old detective (Harry Ambrose) trying to solve cases of crimes with his natural inclination to investigate deeper and more psychologically personal into the lives of the criminals. In this 3rd series installation, he stumbled upon an English teacher (Jamie) who loved his wife (Leela), together expecting a new born baby into their life, and who, unfortunately, seem to appear different than how he truly is; a good man, good teacher, good husband, a very understanding supportive man in the society. This got worsened when the story took its turning twist, when suddenly Jamie’s old college friend (Nick Haas) came by his house around night time from years of havent meeting eachotherand Jamie seemed disturbed by the reappearance of his friend. The fact that it was actually Jamie himself who contacted Nick first. He initially wanted to find the answer to what exactly still keep haunting him since they were in college, but since Nick told about his ideology in such a demanding wat, this perpetuate to what mostly be the reasons why Jamie psychologically changed and became even more conflicted throughout the series.

The bond between these two friends are based about their existence in questioning life and death, about what is real and what human beings avoid, their nihilistic perspective about God and why humans made facades in their life only to avoid the fear of inevitable death and what to do to be fully human accepting the sufferings and pain. The philosophy behind it were came from these two men’s personal connection to the ideology of Friedrick Nietzsche’s Übermensch, ‘The Beyond-Man‘, which is the belief that man himself have the power to create his own values and be his own creation, the will-to-power to live his life according to his own belief, regardless if it’s different from what most society views life, and how he would still experience sufferings but still can be content because he live in the present moment, actualizing what he values the most. It is different from a pessimistic view of nihilism where it only concerns about itself alone while the overman would exist and then eventually affecting the views of others by his own examples of inner values. Nick’s strong presence and ideology in Jamie’s life here affected him deeply and made him questioning his ignored actual needs and meaning in this life. Nick pushed Jamie to the edge to jump to the abyss, facing the metaphorical death to feel how it is to be in the void, it is an expression to accept the realities of life that we arent promised of anything gained because we will lost it back again, like young Nick said, “
“Punishing yourself isn’t the answer. Dont you get it? You’re supposed to be scared. You signed a contract when you were born, you made a deal with fate. We all did. If you agree to keep living, you have to accept the terms: you aren’t immune to anything. You can die at any moment. And anything you gain in life, you’ll eventually have to lose. That’s kind of depressing but it’s the truth. The crime is pretending otherwise. Expecting the world to be safe, for things to always stays the same. That’s not life. It’s delusion. That’s why you jump because it’s terrifying, into the void. You jump because you want to live.”

What Nick had showed overtime to Jamie resulting to continued psychological effects which confused and triggered unstableness in Jamie, it reached the peak of his starting journey to his darker inner world. It was when he had the car accident with his friend that lead to his friend’s death. The moment of his friend’s death triggered Jamie to directly encounter his shadow, the part ot him he hid and put aside and eventually overtaken him in ways that his unconsciousness needs lead him to his crimes. This is where Nick’s afterdeath shadowy images appeared in Jamie’s subconscious, in almost every activities Jamie had throughout the days, his unconscious content built up and hindered him to function consciously.

From Leela’s perspective towards her husband, Jamie was actually always very kind, he never got angry, never blame others and only blame himself and preferred to question his own actions instead of judging others mistakes (specifically when Leela had an affair with someone else), he sacrificed his whole being for the balance he could give for who he cares for. The fact that Jamie had no meaningful deep connection to his father and the absence of his mother, both of the parents existence created the hollowness in him. He wanted to be acknowledged and be seen for who he is, he tried his best to be the man that he is, based on his inner values, but while all this was processed, something in him grew denser and thicker and it was wild, eventually he cant stop the hallucinations he had.

Based from simple psychoanalytical perspective, the character Jamie, has unconscious drives which took him to take a dangerous route without his own conscious effort, his emptiness made him expressed his opposite side, the hollow in him needs balance, and it was getting bigger everytime he tried to deny it. Sigmund Freud, the inventor of psychoanalysis theory, called the unconscious drives as primitive instinct named Id, it functions only to fulfill his pleasure and needs, without knowing what is right or what is wrong. In here, Jamie seemed to undergo the spiralling chaos of what he actually had been, a good man, but the other opposite of him craving to come out, this is from two sides of instinct existed in all men, it is either Life/Eros instinct and Death/Thanatos instinct. Both this energy intertwined with eachother, sometimes we have the urges to create and long for life and the other side, we have the capacity to destroy ourselves and even others. Jamie had this conflicting process with his shadow related to the meaningless he had in his life in his early life, no matter how hard he tried to normalise his conscious life in the present with his wife and the baby, the hollow within took him deeper to the scary thoughts he had in a form of his deceased friend appeared in his hallucinations.

The hallucinations made him went unstable and acted out infront of detective Ambrose, in the scene where Jamie took Ambrose to come with him witnessing what he meant about the facade everyone made in order to avoid the fear of death, his dark side got triggered even more and he wanted to prove that humans have to stop pretending and just be very scared but also accept the terrifying fact of realistic endings, outgrow what we fear and live with our values, that was what Nick taught him, but Jamie took it even more extreme mixed with his personal pain of not being able to show his vulnerability. The vulnerability he had transformed into much darker forms. He projected his own vulnerability to the surroundings, to how he especially killed the innocent psychic guy who told him that he sensed Nick’s spirit or shadow ordering Jamie to finish what he must do, to go to the dark void and be done with what he must do. Unfortunately this connection between paranormal entity which the psychic guy sensed and Jamie’s own unconscious urges seem to intertwined with eachother which leads to mysterious phenomenon that made Jamie initiated his own first murder, he murdered the psychic guy afterwards, out of unstable instinctive urge to fulfill his unconscious needs.

This incident lead detective Ambrose to search for him and to find evidence about his whereabouts and where did he throw the murdered dead body at the night he went berserk. Psychoanalitical perspective would define this as the state of the dark night of the soul, where a person overcontrolled by his own shadow, which mostly the person rejected in his conscious awareness, until it blackened and cannot be contained from the repression, the shadow is a part of the instinctive primitive nature of the unconscious, the shadow want to express and do what it wants without considering any consequences and this can be destructive like the consequence Jamie must accepted that he had murdered an innocent man and it ruined his normal life with his workplace and his wife.

The interesting part which this series showed was the longing to be acknowledged and to be seen and heard. Jamie after underwent such unconscious state, overcontrolled by his own unconscious emotions, he disturbed all of the people he knew, and all of them were afraid of him and avoided him even his wife grew scared of him because he was a threat. It made Jamie felt more lonely, the actions he had done took his own humanity away, and he then expressed his destroyed moral principle because the unacknowledged shadow he had was so unstable, he couldn’t control and manage it by himself. This shadow can be formed from the repressed needs from his own early life where his own father never truly cared for him and his own mother died when he was born. The absence of a parent and the lack of loving connection built from parenting approach in his childhood years made him grew into a seemingly wounded person. He questioning his own reality and existence and he felt intensely that how most humans exist are just masking their real selves behind a persona, where everyone only wanted to live their life as best as what they could expect it to be but still behind it grew such fears of the reality of death, that everything is temporary. Jamie wanted the world to listen to him, to what he understood, and wanted the world to realise the scope of their own unique existence. Hence the forced belief system he suddenly embedded to his female student, influenced her awareness on how to follow her own inner value and purpose and not following the society’s expected demands.

Jamie’s words

Jamie wanted to be heard, and only detective Ambrose seemed to want to connect to him because Ambrose wanted to understand Jamie’s patterns so he can be caught, because eventually in the final episodes, Jamie showed Ambrose that he too is the same, have a repressed shadow of the past which still haunts him. Jamie lead Ambrose to confont his own shadow by being burried alive for few minutes. This lead to Jamie being apprehended through a recorded voice message. Overall, Jamie is a wounded person questioning existence itself how the hollow he felt within, forced him to act out negatively, that is with his own death instinct, because if the opposite cannot manifest well from his mental state, regardless the surroundings conditions, he would lead himself to follow his own negative instinct because it grew uncontained and unmanaged. Such an unfortunate fate he has to go through, while he was actually a decent man externally but his mental well being wasnt fully taken care of. How the unconscious could overtaken his consciousness is the domain of psychoanalytical field. Psyche itself contain so much more than just the personal unconscious which only one individual having unique memories, but also in it, exist something more,a pattern of archetypes that are complex and intricate, that formed how he lived his life, these archetypal forces are stronger than how a person would think about his own awareness about his own existence. His own archetype, or you could term it as Daemon, a living energetic essence that lead a person to his own journey to fate, made him do what his unconscious self intended to do. Psychoanalitically, a person must able to comprehend his own shadow in order to make peace with the shadow, the inner dragon, in order to heal and to manage the repressed parts so it wont take over his own life to an inevitable negative side of fate.

To Go Within The Self So You Can Find Yourself and Not Be Lost in The World (to be intune with our inner calling and archetype)

The deeper we are to go within the paradox of self, the more consciousness we can gather, to make unknown parts of self to be known. so as to not make us feel trapped or lost in our inner world, because this leads to neurosis. What you can do is to comprehend each layers of your psyche, to be introspective and to be more individual, to unite yourself with the inner dragon as your strength and not let it roam wild to go against you and assasinate your potential/functional self in which it makes you have to go through constant maladaptive psychological complexes with yourself (i.e. self-sabotage) and with others (i.e. negative transferences, psychological projections and blaming). If you can outgrow from this, then the better you are in functioning yourself. This achievement of encountering our own paradoxes would be a good use as a guide that can best serve others as well, and you can help guide them to find the ways of their own process of individuation while we are also in the process of acknowledging and reforming ourselves in the Psyche labyrinth. Because, to have detected and acquired your own psyche compass in the Labyrinth within you, this would make you have a strong internal locus of control. Unshakeable psyche. You know where and how to develop yourself, you know what things to teach and nourish your psyche, identifying yourself with your true archetype and harmonising yourself with the inner Animus/Anima. This wouldn’t be an easy process, but you’ll start to feel yourself more, not triggered by anything outside you. You wont be a burden to yourself and then expressing nonstop psychological projections to others, you wont be easily reactive, because you have already seen yourself inside, you look into the inner mirror and not the external; you look to yourself straight, and dwell there and find what is meaningful for your own existence in this life. You then know and understand every different parts of your own  self, your child self, imperfect self, hurt self, the happy, and the angry one and unite all of them together and consider them all as your parts that needs love. You love each of them, and see afterwards that you’re going to grow from it.

Give space for yourself to focus on what’s going on within you, because even in our weakest state, we can still grow. Because we are dynamic beings. Only from tuning into ourselves, to listen to our inner voice, to listen to our inner calling, what’s it actually resides in the unconscious realm of your being? What does it need in order to be fully herself or himself? We must let it out and make it as our conscious part so we can embody it and be functional in the practical world, so we dont lose ourselves and thus we can have personal symbolic meaning to ourselves. This will guide us to go through this life with purpose. Set aside everything that is materialistic for a moment when you have to deal with your own psyche. Set aside all those worries and fears, and just look to yourself straight within. You wont feel bothered by external circumstances when you know your own soul map. The way you are within you will be expressed as naturally the same as to how you dwell with the world. Like the saying of this quote: “If you wanna conquer the world, fix and clean your room first, by conquering yourself first. It is related to how you exercise yourself to manage your own thought patterns and self-conducts and because of that you will then able to manage your own psyche which can be reflected to the things outside yourself.” And then to add more understanding about this is with stoic philosophy, the saying that its better to control yourself while the world we live in is chaotic, destructive and mostly tend to be difficult and uncontrollable. The only thing we can do to deal with all these things, is starting from dealing with our inner psyche, know the map of your soul, afterwards you wont be lost in this world. Take care.

Solitude and Self-Realization << this is a good psychological video on how to understand the reasons why you should be alone to truly acknowledge yourself. 🌹

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Acknowledging Our Mortal Weaknesses is The Path to Cultivate Spiritual Inner Strength

We all know that this world always consisted of both Nature’s raging and nourishing ways to hold itself together in the perfect universe order. She’s not only being steady and fertile, but she also need a natural decaying process to annihilate herself which triggers new source of creation of her initial traits to make the ecosystem continues well again functionally, hence it then affects the living beings in it, for eons and many more eons. She, our Mother Earth, needs to destroy to have the balanced equilibrium, to rid off the excesses of the dysfunctional systems, mostly caused by us and from what we recklessly created, and then she set herself back up for the correct and virtuous Laws of Nature.

In this realm of ours, where the Nature’s reign high as the conductor or the activator of our mortal dwellings, we must abide to its order, based from how we would understand how the universe would work, how we function must start from how we understand her as part of us within. We came from her flesh, the unification of many energies and essence of the Mother Earth, then the Divine Force molded us with her surface structures by breathing us, spirit forms, into these mortal living bodies, we became this living beings senses the raw realities of birth, coming into an existence.

Just as Ancient God condemned and ordered us to dwell in the mortal realm, all the encounters we must experienced in this realm start from the active force called birthing through pain; the painful realisation of existence feels too real. It started between either our bodily physical senses or interrelated with the emotional realm. Everything happened to us, similar like we saw the clashes of planets with meteors, or the explosions of a planet or a galaxy in the fartest place in the sky, everything in it is pure massive energetic force that spreads everywhere. If we can analogically picture this as how we experienced Mother Nature, we are like those parts of the universe matter which cannot help but created reactions, affected by the enormous collective explosion, alchemically then psychologically and spiritually. And here we are as one of many living beings, we came out from those things, parts of those collective energy that explodes. Within us, there’s universe matter, as above so below, we are the microcosmic of that chaoticness of the macro universe. Even though we dont fully recognized it at the first years of life or until later on, like the statement about us being born as if similar to a blank slate, without basic foundation. But we actually operate mostly from that source of universe. We have that inner callings to process ourselves, not just functioning like a liveless machine, but that urge within us to express our true spirit can counteract the things from what this surface realm tried to hold us with. Even though when we encounter chaos of this realm, maybe our limited small human mind somehow think it is something that is very difficult to comprehend, unachievable to manage, we then observe things in helpless confused to make us be able to conduct properly, in difficult grounds. If we feel as if our existence just dispersed meaninglessly and quickly without purpose and deeper meaning and we feel so detached from the very thing that makes us alive, the source of universe, that nourish our psyche, it is because we haven’t found ourselves yet, our inner intelligence that drives us to create and manifest, and we would feel very weakened by it out of unknowing capacity to comprehend what is exactly going on around us, the external environment. But with this inner knowing to our archetype, it’s helping us to support our understanding about what to do and how to function when this universe’s chaotic active energy swirling around us. This what started the aspect of pain, the intimidation to the inner psyche in humanity, a shared struggles we all have to figure out about the unknown territory, arcanum terra within us, especially when we feel so lost and not yet fully ourselves.

Going into this world is like going through purging of the physical flesh, we are being tested to handle the raw attachment with the binding physical world, we feel pain and weakness because we attach ourselves to this world with the flesh. If we know that we are more than just physical flesh that only knows either pain and pleasure, we are actually spirits, that is the Imago Dei’s form. God can be said as the primordial ancient archetype of us all, of the universe itself. Our spirits connected to the Divine beyond the physical realm, something exist within us that able to withstand every odds this surface realm has offered us. Our weaknesses are mere temporary symptoms, it’s only a sign that we are psychically being shaken by this realm’s tsunamic waves to unstable us, but understand this, about the Nature itself, she destroy itself to give birth to new form of nature. We are same like Nature, the weaknesses we have are similar like the easily cracked surface of earth that already in the process of ruins, it’s to open new layers of the self, or similar like the hard sharpening process of the sword, and the process of diamond shaping, it goes under terribly harsh process, it’s making us resilient. Our weaknesses are actually a gateway, to open the path to our inner psyche so we can reconnect back to ourselves. What exactly unstable within is not fully negative, it’s something we need to acknowledge, we are like the explosive stars, the universe inside us has its own natural order that only the Divine knew, and as for ourselves, our role is to be in a state of new awareness of our inner universe, that what makes our sufferings arent something so despicable, its not as deeper as what lies beneath in the natural order of how it affects our psyche.

Pain and suffering awaken us to our true spirit form, we can be awake from perceiving the surface realities where it only manipulates and influences our flesh urges, these things blinded us. Please do comprehend this fact, that when you are in the most difficult situations of your life, your spirit is much more resilient than that physical form you have. In the lowest of lows of your human situations which you could encounter out of this world’s macabre events, we still able to exist there, and that shows we are capable to be in a state of deprived from the nourishing love of God, in an explicitly extreme condition, only the flesh experienced itself because it came from this world, but our spirits are not from this lower realm. Jesus Christ taught this secret passage, to suffer and to deny yourself in dwelling with the flesh, it means you awaken yourself to your true spirit which is came from Divine, the identification of your existence is not only with the worldly flesh, but we are parts of the wider universe, feel this within you, your inner universe are one of many millions of universes which God created. And this worldly pain and weaknesses we have in this lower realm are forms of expressive energy which we only experienced based on this world’s aspects. Aspects of Terra, where we are born and live and die. But what came from God will go back again to Him the primordial source. Acknowledge this to calm your spirit, you are not born as nothingness, you have supreme force resides within, just like the big massive dark outer space, that’s how massive it is inside us too. So encounter yourself in your own inner universe with diligent introspection, nonstopable self-discerment.

German Depth Psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung in his book, “Answers to Job“, explained about the analogy of God, Satan and Job as the symbolic form of archetypes that can best described the process of individuation for the psyche, where God as the archaic form of the Self, and Job is the ego-consciousness undergo breaking point that is being challenged by Satan, the process of individuation itself, which carried Job to a state of darkness where he tried to acknowledge God through his sufferings, going through the dark night of the soul, he went through Satan’s Labyrinth so that he could learn deeper about God. This can give a clear example of how deeper it is the meaning for our psyche than how it seems for our needs to be faraway when it comes to sufferings. We actually need to delve in those difficulties, the harsher harder unknown territories, which actually God commanded us to do, based from the Bible verse Genesis 12:1-5 where God ordered Abraham to go out from his own land with his family to the land that God will show him, and God will bless him through the journey. So is mankind too, he must go out to the unknown and dwell there to face the challenges which make his psyche strong and to be in deep understanding about how the world goes so as to not be influenced by its deceptive illusory tactics.

(Origa – Inner Universe’s lyrics)
(Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul)

Stoicism would say in its practical approach to control yourself and balance yourself while the surroundings are chaotic, and this is the virtue of not being torn apart by Fortune, who either gave us abundance and also desperation, be grateful if you arent seduced by Fortune, and I respect you when you can maintain your integrity to not be easily influenced by her, strong integrity is needed to cooperate with discipline when we must go to the dark alleys of challenging world. So realise and be determined that you dont bow down helplessly and depend to either of those two temporary mortal events. No matter how horrendous and injustice the world would work againts us, there’s nothing that can defeat the unshaken spirit who knows or discerns its depths of strength however poor his human condition is. Take care.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Ouroboros : Infinite Universe

A mystic, Manly P. Hall, described the mystical meaning of a serpent; that it is actually not entirely the symbol of evil or a sort of emblem for dark arts which being used for the spreading energy of catastrophic chaos in this world, which is the “Devil”. But it can be defined archetypally as the symbol for infinity, the continuous repeatable manifestation of rebirths, similar to the number 8 form that shapes like the infinite symbol.
Written by Eliza Hutapea

Revenant : Resilience molded within to go against the challenges of Nature

It is in times of security that the spirit should be preparing itself to deal with difficult times; while fortune is bestowing favors on it then is the time for it to be strengthened against her rebuffs.
– Seneca, Letters from a Stoic”

When the surroundings and the living circumstances are not in our favour or like what Seneca, a Stoic philosopher, would explain about the Fortune loving us so much she will give both either nature of abundance or desperation to come striking us without our control to the sudden strikes we received, this would be the state where we have to be aware that everything is coming from the Nature, Nature has its ways of inter travelling the traverse of our psyche. Fortune gave us things that are temporary, she will grab and take it back the very thing we cherish without us noticing. So living and existing in such challenging place, especially when we function ourselves from our psychical process, we would feel and think as if we lack the abundant sources of life or somehow Fortune likes to play games with justice towards us, challenging our psyche to know itself what exactly it has within. This is the laws of Nature, we can’t turn upside down Nature with our own weak hands, we can’t make our own fateful paths without the influence of Nature’s own work, Nature seem to put mirrors to our faces, to show what exactly are we. What we can do is by continously knowing and understanding ourselves, the fact that we are part of the universe, we are the essences of this universe too, so that means, we have that potential inner force to be conscious of the energy which interwoven us all as one unity. The tasks we have to endure and learn to be conscious within, is to be better at being ourselves and keep growing through nonstop practising and learning from every mistakes and failures. And most of all, it consists of deep shadow work, peeling our layers of psyche and make it conscious by introspecting and acknowledging theunconscoius patterns we have which later on can be used as positive aspect for our whole individuated state. Some parts of our psyche need to be fixed or deleted and then enhanced with other beneficial traits, this means we undergo the underground journey and kill the multiheaded dragon, our inner hydra, get rid negative parts of ourselves, unroot first what hindered and stagnated our psyche function so we can live well and begin the process of regenerate the psyche. Like the revenant’s definition based from the movie The Revenant, played by Leonardo Dicaprio:

noun: Revenant

  • a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.
Movie excerpt from The Revenant (2015)

Bruce Lee said ”I FEAR NOT THE MAN WHO HAS PRACTICED 10.000 KICKS ONCE, BUT I FEAR THE MAN WHO PRACTICED ONE KICK 10.000 TIMES.” From this quote of his, I am fully aware that to develop myself and be the better version of myself, not just that, but also how to be deeply more aware of my own psyche, is to  never stop practising and correcting from all of my failures and psychological challenges. NO MATTER HOW LONG, HOW WEAKENING IT FEEL, KEEP BEING DILIGENT AND DISCIPLINE, go within the dark realm of the psyche, dwell in it, and outgrow ourselves from the things which we fear or unaware of. There’s no limit or expiration dates, as long as I am still breathing, keep fighting on. And when I am at my weakest it means I have strength to endure it; this shows I am strong, ‘you either live or die’. Because this is what Jesus taught us as well, leave from depending towards the flesh and start living through the spirit. We should challenge ourselves to not be meek to what weakens and toxify our psyche.

Those multiple failures or difficulties from our inner world, if we can manage it, this can be the path to success, to outgrow from our failed attempts, and see ways in more details to know which actions and methods we have to master, especially in dealing with external circumstances. Persecutions and inhibitions are everywhere, but I know those harsh moments only making the soul even more sharpened if we know how to stand true with ourselves and know how to express our rawest self. To live without relying on temporary worldly happiness or suffering in the world is wise. And actually, people who experience a lot of extreme challenges in the world, no matter how excruciatingly painful it is to live by, and when they have exact ways to handle and face Fortune with virtue, are actually blessed by the Divine because of their capacity to become increasingly aware of the truth from the universe about how they actually are within themselves, the true form of their psyche. They put down their human clothes and activate their spirits strength to connect back to the real raw essence of the Law of Nature. Not biased from limited human perspectives, welcoming their real Self from the uniting collective force, which is God. In such state, our consciousness is beyond the hurtful pains and pleasureable lusts of the world; we become resilience in managing the living process of the human flesh, the nature of our weaknesses. And we become a functioning being with intelligence, if we use resilience with a virtue.

All of those energies of light and dark swirling inside us is actually a form of guidance for us so as to not make us lose ourselves, by understanding both sides of the spectrum. As long as we keep learning to humbly understand enough the abundance we could receive from these both raw natures, the dark and the light, the yin and yang of our psyche, we would not be helpless when hurled into the chaos of each of these two worlds. So suffering is not always a form of punishment or a curse, same as well for harmony, it is not always a form of blessing but only softened weakened your senses and instinct, all of these are more likely helping you and me to advanced the soul, sharpened our spirits strength to be fierce, and to not be weak against the hungry flesh.

Written by Eliza Hutapea