Ego Battles

This often happened when we had clashes of egos and wanted to protect our pride or vulnerable self. Its still ego when we try to defend ourselves,  but its not always negative, healthy ego is when you can stand up for yourself and setting up healthy boundaries, it will only be negative when you use it to crush others well being. If youre in this kind of case, you must first understand your own shadow or weaknesses that you are unaware of. With this awareness of yourselr, it could make you have a humbleness and steadiness (aka mentally steady or sharp) no matter how harsh or rude or injustice others are towards you, you still stand strong unaffected, you still stand unbothered, put a halt from being affected by everything. That is indeed a good practical insight/method/advice that you can exercise with to be applied on your self conduct, especially whenever you have to encounter ego clashes with others who wanted to humiliate or degrade you. Always realise this, whenever someone tried to degrade you, that means they also feel negative and sensitive/insecure about things hence they treat others/you with ignorance or defence mechanism, so if they feel hurt or disturbed by you unfairly or because of your unawareness, they would act in this way, in order to make you realise something or they dont know how to deal with it in other way so they decide to just easily ridicule you or trying to corner you so you could realise something about yourself. Definitely this is a vicious cycle, but rest assured, you dont need to feel worry or feeling like youre being attacked. Try realise this, that youre not powerless, you are a human with imperfections but youre still living and have chances to make up for your mistakes and youre constantly developing if you can focus on working your mind and soul to be deeper/sharper. When you accept your own self, with all its shadows and good parts, you will be humble enough to understand others from where they come from, which made them how they are in their attitude towards you. Visualise what kind of attitude or behavior that is wise enough or true, to develop self integrity or virtue or dignity or nobility.

I hope you can reflect on this (do self introspection as well) and take control over yourself from feeling overwhelmed by psychological attacks from others, always know youre trying to be yourself as well, understand your bad and good side, and learn to be diligent enough to be a better person. You wont feel so affected by this weak attack after you know yourself more. It wont be a fast progress but you will understand things deeper when you keep diligently learning from your trials and errors.

Let them be and just control what you can control : your self
Since we cant control others or external situations. Visualise what kind of attitude or behavior that is wise enough or true, to develop self integrity or virtue or dignity or nobility. If you can remain steady with virtuous characteristic or personality, itll help you pass through any mockery or injustice or unfairness without making you feel so dejected and insecure.

You can just ignore those psychological attacks while doing self introspection and think about how to respond in a better way next time, or you can just not give in to the “ego battle” and then respond them respectfully despite how they are to you, in this way youre being professional or objective.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Violet Evergarden : Dedicated Romantic Automaton Doll

Violet Evergarden The Movie (2020) on Netflix or Gogoanime

This breathtaking anime has a deep meaningful message of how words can convey feelings and memories. The main character is Violet Evergarden, an ex-war automaton doll who lives on after the battlefield to understand humans feelings and emotions, she then work as a typewriter doll who help to deliver others messages through beautiful written letters. What she do is to help decipher a person’s true feelings and express it on paper. In this anime (movie and series) and the light novel, her true nature is not fully revealed, whether she is a full human being or some kind of genetically modified human robot. But how she have felt so strongly to Major Gilbert proves how she can show her real feelings, dedicated her life to respect his existence who support her to live free and be filled by wonderful meaningful things instead of just the gruesome bloody war.
“Words can have different interpretations. What one says isn’t the whole truth. 
It’s a human weakness.
They test others to confirm their own existence.
It’s a contradiction”.
“You’re going to learn a lot of things, But it might be easier to keep living, if you didn’t learn them, if you didn’t know them. You don’t realize your body is on fire and burning up because of the things you did. You’ll understand one day. And then you’ll realize for the first time that you have many burns”.

Music : Nujabes – Aruarian Dance

Gaslighting is a Hate Form Caused by Ignorance

Someone who gaslights others is the type of person who likes to pressure others through finding various reasons illogically, or politically trying to outmaneuver you to weaken your position in truth. It can also be that theyre insecure themselves, and still havent fully understand themselves and others so they create emotional defences which create misjudgments or wrong assumptions or even subjective/nonfactual perspectives about others. Hate is caused by ignorance to understand.

Mindfulness Creates Resilience in Your Psyche and Spirituality

Be truly mindful that every situations in life is only temporary, memento mori (meditate about death cause we all go back to dust and everything of worldly matters are not fully important) be mindful in virtuous actions, no need to burden self with nonproductive subjective thoughts or opinions from others, despite your weaknesses, keep cultivating resilience in your psyche and spirituality, in being true to herself and her emotions, stand firm, perceptions of others are subjective and imperfect. Stay confident and to be mentally astute, practice in not sabotaging your mind based on negative belief system, clear your mind from everything which seems debilitating so you wont be easily influenced by demonic energy attacking your mind body and soul. Meditating on how big and greater and divine this universal powerful God is, hopefully you as a human can feel the true bliss and serenity that dont show any fear of everything worldly, youre one within God.

Just like jesus, his silent leadership and his virtuous action is through humility, being humble in every way, a human being will stand strong no matter how theyre being persecuted, there is a fierce strength in being complete calm knowing and discerning greater deeper things beyond those worldly arrogancy we humans tend to express (which is very ignorant and its in a superficial level of awareness, only thinks based on personal ego).

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Zodiac Mutable Signs Chaotic Energy

★Astropsychology Analysis:

Both John Wayne Gacey (Clown Serial Killer) and Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker) have Sagittarius Rising, Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon. All mutable signs (sagittarius, gemini, pisces, virgo) in personal planets are very prominent in serial killers,  you think you understand but you’ll never be with this unpredictable energy. The changeable energy in mutable signs is the vast creative source of energy they have, most of them will present themselves as engaging, jovial, socially approachable, generous, friendly. But the other side of this light expression exist chaotically behind their presentable appearance towards others. For example, both John Wayne Gacey and Richadd Ramirez, having Sagittarius Rising, might give an approachable warm friendly persona, but if the person is troubled in their life, it will take an effect in their  subconscious, the heavy uneasy scorpio 12th house as the subconcious realm would influence the conscious mind (from personal observation). What is being shown on the surface  by this heavy mutable energy in someone’s birth chart  would be an illusory front that suppressed what is actually exist behind it. Because It’s an active free creative energy. Another example would be Ted Bundy(Sagittarius Sun and Moon), a serial killer and Alexander McQueen (Pisces Sun and Moon), a fashion designer (he is well known for his grotesque dark art manifested into his fashion and theatrical cinematic runways). Both Gemini and Virgo ruled by the intellectual mercury, the planet of communication and cognition, Sagittarius, the philosophical expansive planet of Jupiter and Pisces ruled by Jupiter as the ancient ruler and Neptune, the planet of spirituality, dreams and imaginations. These 4 mutable signs can express either the opposite spectrum between positive form of rationality, philosophical beliefs, spirituality and the negative form of intellectual endeavors, spiritual beliefs (such as satanism or fanatism). Either sanity or insanity.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Psychological Interpretation for AGUST D – DAECHWITA

Link to the Official Youtube is here >> Agust D – Daechwita

This is the interesting interpretation for this mv⚡⤵️
Both the King and the black haired man is the same guy, he is AGUST D aka SUGA. Agust D is spelled backwards, showing his stage name Suga, and the D means his hometown, Daegu Town.  He basically showing that he shoot his old self, who  reached the top, being well known all over the world as part of the member of BTS, but he knew that this kind of thing could influence a human to have greed and having power hunger in some ways i guess, he wanna get rid of it (not losing realistic moral senses,   being pampered with pleasures),  to get back being grounded, put his feet to earth again metaphorically and not being easily satisfied to worldly temporary things, which shows that he’s already at the top now, being successful. He’s showing senses of awareness to not get caught up with those kind of things. Its showing his personality who’s always contemplative, and see life in a soulful way.. thats why at the end of the mv, his realistic simple but *actually deep* self shoot and kill his elevated self (the King).

Agust D “King version” is a mad king ( he wanted to show that pleasure and being succeed in life can make someone have greed and be selfish and like having pride too high, so he was trying to portray a mad king getting too immersed in his own successes, so that’s why somehow in a way he stood on top of his guard or officer’s back, and then when the new Agust D being tied up and surrounded by fire when he spits smooth bars, in his lyrics at that scene he said this,  “i only looked up and now i look down and put my feet on the ground”, he means he (the new Agust D) want to humble himself down, to humble that mad king version of Agust D, so as to not get too caught up with all this “happy pleasures his successes gets” so he turn himself to be mindful, go back being with smart introspective awareness. Trivial fact: in the behind the scene video for this MV in BigHit Labels youtube channel,  this guy called Agust D (its the alter ego name) for Suga, one of the members of BTS, he said, agust D became a king 4 years ago, and now the successful Agust D 4 years ago being confronted by a new Agust D  (that in the end you understand why the new Agust D did that to the King )

Agust D is his alter ego. And you would love to watch his other mv too “Agust D – Agust D” he raps very fast. And don’t forget to activate the cc to eng subs 

BTS always have deep meanings in all their mvs. And each music and each album contained continuous development of all of them as a human, its like psychological stages they are going through.. and this is relatable for everyone. So its definitely a very collective type of music, for the collective, and they wanna spread love for everyone.and teach others as well about walking on the wise path, confronting our shadows, and accept yourself fully by loving yourself, with all the dark and light side, to be a whole person…. This is how i can explain it. But you’ll see more other in depth explanations from others about BTS and their impact to the world.

Personally from my opinion, they bring balance energy to this somehow hurt society.. its just different, they express emotions as men, and not run away from being hurt and attacked by surroundings, approach in caring subtle deep way that its actually empowering alot of people, they show raw vulnerability that its actually both heal them and made them stronger mentally wise. And their messages in their songs are healing , showing an example for everyone especially men to be okay being vulnerable, but it doesn’t mean youre weak. But it shows you are so capable to endure pain that youre actually deeply strong.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

Archetypes as Collective Unconsciousness by Carl Jung

Archetypes resides within the collective unconsciousness, deeper than the personal unconscious because it is shared and experienced similarly in everyone. While personal unconscious are resulted from the individual’s past events and early childhood, archetypes came from the ancient evolutionary process of human kind, the mass collective.  For example, the  Archetypes of Zodiac signs are considered as collective characteristics of  astrological signs and planets that projected within each person based on their birth date and birth season. As Above So below, Microcosmic mirrors the Macrocosmic, we are the projections of the universe.  So basically, Archetypes coined by Carl Jung are mostly the universal patterns or images innate in everyone, and can manifest in infinite diverse ways, such as these Major Archetypes : The Wise Old Man, The Mother (like Mother Maria or Mother Earth), The Jester/Trickster, The Warrior, The Magician,  The Healer, etc.These archetypes exist in people, and they represent the primitive form of how a person behave innately based on collective nature of human kind or considered as ‘the archaic heritage of humanity’. Another part of archetypal forms are characters in folklores, myths, ancestor’s stories.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

The Way to Reach Your Goals is Through Focusing on The Process

Get rid of old outdated system, which inhibits self from growing and developing, update to new version of self. The important thing is the process towards what we want to reach, not solely about how we get our goals as fast as possible, we wont get anywhere if we keep focusing on something we want/desire but not working towards it with diligence and patience. Discipline will gradually make us see changes and improvements, in personal habits, health, thought patterns, personal well being. Regardless of chaos and peacefulness, keep thriving as the authentic self. The result will be long lasting and permanent.

Written by Eliza Hutapea

1st House Rising Sign and 12th House Subconscious Realm (Personal Observation)

Just like the tip of the ice berg, our conscious level is just like one-seventh part of the whole psychic content we have, it appeared on the surface only just a little amount, while the most unknown parts of ourselves are beneath the water, it exist there in unconscious/subconscious realm.

Carl Jung, an Analytical Psychologist, considered the persona as the surface outer layer of the psyche, but what we really are mostly EXIST in the unconscious/subconscious. (we dont even know ourselves completely, hence you need to do shadow work)

SO. look always to your 12th house too, not just depending on your 1st, because its just a superficial facade/ front, a public mask. But, when you are alone with yourself, youre mostly influenced by your subconscious 12th house, which is something cant be fully acknowledged by the conscious mind but it is there beneath the surface controlling you, you don’t even admit to it or fully realised it.

For example: Most scorpio risings I know cant help themselves but always filled with longing for partnerships, which is coming from their 12th house libra (this is basically from my personal observation) and basically 1st house is the facade to compensate of the lost control of our real self in the subconscious realm of 12th house. So when you dont have full control over your subconsciousness, you automatically become the persona that you wear in your rising sign /1st house. (generally the evolution to the next zodiac sign).  The rising sign, that’s just your persona, not fully describing your deepest part of your psyche which is residing in your subconscious. A public mask only represent few percentages of the total amount of psychic content (which is more vast) you have. Look on your libra 12th house, if you have a Scorpio Rising, I bet you have encounter quite amount of people in relationships or able to have many counterparts to be considered as a partner, actually a dependent person or a romantic type. Everything you are when you are alone is in your subconscious realm of 12th house. You deal with the world using your rising, but how you are, are mostly unconscious, and you wont admit it, its there in your 12th house.

Or for example: Cancer rising, have gemini 12th house, they are mostly overthinking things way too much and have incessant internal mind that cannot be stopped, they need to journal all of their hidden unstable thoughts, keep writing and you become a great author.

This is strictly personal observation though, and I am not an astrologer. I see it from the perspective of conscious and subconscious mind.

In psychology, you can consider your Rising as part of your impressionistic mechanism, a front, a persona, a mask to protect yourself in order to deal with the world, the surroundings. Carl Jung even implied, “a persona is a false self, its moulding is largely social and its making is more attributable to others than to the person himself (from Persona and Defence Mechanism by Wayne C Hudson)” Its a social mask which function only as a mediator between the inner world and outer world. The persona as the false self, ”is the general idea of ourselves which we have built up in experiencing our effect upon the world around us and its effect upon us (Jung II, p.218)”.

Written by Eliza Hutapea